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Use image hosting in your app or as a CDN

Image hosting can have an impact on user experience, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and conversion rates. In this post, we take a look at how using image hosting for your app, or using it as a Content Delivery Network (CDN), can boost speed, improve security, and work seamlessly for end users. We also look at what a CDN is, how to improve SEO, and how can image hosting help?

What is a CDN and how can it speed up image delivery?

A CDN uses multiple servers scattered globally to deliver content, such as images, to web users. They are able to speed up image loading times as their global spread means the content they provide can be delivered from servers located closer to the users wherever in the world they might be. Essentially, CDNs cache servers in multiple locations which are closer to end users than the host or origin server. This means reduced latency in loading times for content, images, and even videos.

How can image optimizer reduce speed?

Through using an image optimizer service you can reduce the time it takes users of your app to download the image content on a webpage or app interface. It does this by compressing and resizing the image so that the file size is reduced, however, this will not reduce the quality of the image to a large extent.

Reducing the size of the images on your webpage or app, and therefore increasing the speed in which they download, is essential to ensure that your customers keep engaged. It will also ensure that your users don’t use up lots of data trying to download large images. Ultimately, the performance of your website is essential to ensure retaining your audience, SEO and getting yourself up the Google rankings - image optimization can go a long way with assisting you with this.

How can keep your site secure

Mitigates against DDoS attacks

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack can be seriously detrimental to any business and can have negative effects on your profits, brand and customer opinion in general. If you’ve never heard of such an attack it occurs when multiple systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system – meaning that the regular traffic to your website or app is blocked. image hosting and partners can help to defend against such attacks and you can be reassured that your images and site are safe and secure.

Blocks malicious bots using content scraping and account takeovers

While bots may seem to be our friend they can also cause an insurmountable about of trouble if you leave your site unprotected. They can steal sensitive information and even completely take over your website – both of which will have a detrimental impact on the reputation of your business. image hosting and partners can help you to manage good and bad bots to ensure your site is protected from content scraping and account takeovers.

Challenges visitors with a CAPTCHA based on worldwide IP reputation

Have you ever entered a website and found that you are required to prove that you are not a robot? This is what a CAPTCHA is – a program or system whose job it is to distinguish a human from a machine that is potentially trying to attack your site. offers protection through CAPTCHA thanks to our partners who have years of experience gathering threat data from multiple sources so that they know the reputation behind each visitor to your site. If a visitor does not pass the basic security level they are blocked until they can complete the CAPTCHA page, filtering out the bad from the good.

How can increase efficiency image hosting can enhance user experience not just through safety and speed but also through efficiency. Here’s how:

Indistinguishable for a normal user

Direct links are used to direct visitors to an image that is located on another website. With we provide direct links which are indistinguishable for a normal user so they won’t be aware they are being taken to a different site where your image is hosted – making the process smooth and seamless (and won’t distract the user away from your website).

Embed HTML code

In addition to a simple direct link list to the images you selected, we also offer advanced HTML code, bulletin board code, and markdown image code so that you can get your customers to the images you want to see from a click of a button. is an incredibly user-friendly way of hosting your images. Once you have uploaded your images onto our website you can use the Online Image Editor to resize images as well as edit and watermark them. When you’re happy with your images you can then organize them into folders and sub-folders which can then be easily searched using our search tool. Plus, if you want to take an image temporarily offline this can be easily done without deleting the image from your account. gives you full control over your images and ensures that you are optimizing image quality and efficiency.


Through image hosting or using a CDN you can improve the security and efficiency of your website or app, thereby improving user experience, SEO and conversion rates. Through resizing your images an image hosting platform can speed up downloads from your site ensuring users do not disengage. Using as your image platform will also improve the security of your site and protect if from DDos attacks. Hosting, organizing and making the most out of our images has never been easier than with

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